Pain Is Beauty - or Is It?

Remove unwanted hair painlessly through stripless waxing

Stripped Wax Bar does things differently than most waxing establishments. Many first-time clients are surprised to learn that we USE A HARD strip-less wax, which is much more comfortable than traditional soft wax with muslim strips.

Here's how it works:

We will apply a thick hard wax to the area.

As the wax hardens, it shrink wraps around the hair without adhering to the skin.

We use the hard wax to remove all noticeable hair.


Because hard wax gets rid of delicate and coarse hair, it's ideal for removing hair in sensitive areas.

Experience the Stripped Wax Bar difference by booking a waxing treatment today. Be sure to ask about our waxing packages.

Meet the team

Stripped Wax Bar has been making waves in the local beauty scene since 2013. Not only do we make waxing more comfortable for our clients, but we are also raising the bar for estheticians.

All of our technicians have been extensively trained and boast years of experience. Plus, we're constantly learning new techniques to benefit our clients.

Hello, beautiful

We do more than just waxing at Stripped Wax Bar. Visit us today to...


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Enhance your beauty with a luscious lash lift


Draw attention to your beautiful eyes with our semi-permanent lash extensions

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